Book Bank Delivery

Thank you to everyone who donated books to our Principal’s Club Book Drive through the month of May. The books were delivered to their intended destination, The Children’s Book Bank, on Thursday. The Book Bank is in a lovely house on Berkeley Street downtown. It isn’t a library, children can ‘shop’ there every day if they wish and keep the books they choose. We are so fortunate here at CGS – there is no shortage of beautiful books for the children in the school library, in their classrooms and at home. For many children, this isn’t the case at all. A highlight of the trip for our students was choosing books for the children of their bus driver, age eight and ten. (He had expressed how expensive books were for him to buy for his children on the ride over and that he thought the Book Bank was a great idea.) Each CGS student was able to choose one book for themselves to take home but they decided instead to choose for the bus driver’s children. He was so pleased to receive a big bag of books to take home to his kids!