Finishing Up with Gratitude

Our Character Education Assemblies at the end of each month have become a highlight on our school calendar. Marie is really enjoying the opportunity to talk to the kids directly about what it means to be a good person. She is honest about the challenges we all face as human beings to make good choices and the discussion is always lively! We finished off the year with Gratitude – a fitting end to a year filled with so much to be thankful for. The 2017/18 school calendar will be going home very soon. Please take some time to read the quotes at the bottom of each page. They correspond to the character trait chosen for that month. In the past, Marie has used the quotes as a jumping off point for her discussions with the children. Sometimes this can be tricky as character concepts expressed in short quotes (that fit on the calendar!) can be a little too conceptual for the children to understand. Please know we have chosen them with you, our CGS parents, in mind. We hope you like them and that they help you to focus your attention, along with your children at school, from month to month.