MindUp Gets Thumbs Up

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The students are all loving the Mind Up Curriculum so far this year! Our lessons have focused on self-awareness, deep breathing and attentive listening exercises. The students have loved learning about the different parts of the brain and how they work and role-playing strategies to help “keep our brains happy!”

Mind Jars have been a big success in all of the classrooms, from JK to Grade 4. A Mind Jar can be shaken, and is filled with food colouring, warm water and glitter. The glitter represents how busy our mind and body can be with thoughts and physical sensations, such as anxiety, worry, frustration or anger. For the students, shaking up the mind jar is way of expressing how they feel. Watching the glitter slowly settle and noticing their breath while doing so teaches the students a way of self-regulating their emotions, and allowing thoughts or reactive tendencies to settle…just as the glitter settles. Eventually, we can see more clearly through the jar. As we teach ourselves to allow the mind to settle, we “pause” and learn how to respond to a situation more skillfully, rather than impulsively react. These jars hold a special place in each classroom for the students to use whenever they feel they need to.

Lisa Garard
Physical Education, Health and MindUP Teacher
Children’s Garden School

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