Persuasive Writing & Symmetry in SK

The SKs, in keeping with their impressive work all year, learned about Symmetry in their math enquiry unit and Persuasive Writing in Language Arts this week. I happened to stop by with a tour while they were working on their assignments. They were so happy to share all their crazy Christmas Crab facts! Make sure to ask them at home this weekend. You’ll find out Christmas Crabs live on Christmas Island in Australia, that 50 MILLION of them cross the beach at the same time and that they eat each other. Gross! The kids loved it. Their crab drawings were half done for them but they were tasked with making the other side symmetrical. See above for some great examples of their work.

The children were also hard at work on convincing their parents (or Santa in some cases) why they should be allowed to get an Iguana when I stopped by with my visitors. They based their writing on the very entertaining book, I Wanna Iguana, and eagerly came over to read for our guests. They shared some very cool Iguana facts too -like an iguana can detach part of their body to escape a predator and that they can fall 40′ in the rainforest and not get hurt! Their inventive, phonetic spelling is just excellent and showcases how much they’ve learned this year. They don’t have the correct spelling down yet (more of that that will come next year) but they are communicating their thoughts very effectively. It is lovely to see so much fresh energy in the SK classroom at this point in the year. These SKs aren’t done yet!

Kelly  Scott
Director of Admission
Children’s Garden School