We Love Our Grandparents

CGS staff and students were thrilled to host some very important guests today. Grandparent’s Day is one of the best days on our calendar. Thank you to all of the Nanas and Poppas and Grandmas and Grandpas that joined us today. It is such a privilege to honour the role that you play in the lives of your grandchildren. The children were so proud to perform for you and to show off their classrooms and school work. Thank you to Meesh and Michelle Luke for planning a flawless morning. Lauren’s repertoire, along with Norm’s lovely accompaniment, was great. The choirs rocked it! It was particularly touching to see siblings and cousins take to the stage together. We all know that CGS is a family, but on days like today, it so warmly apparent. We are all very fortunate to be part of this special place.