12 Days of Kindness

The students in the Grade 2/3 class have been discussing the important meaning behind Christmas. To put this spirit into action we decided that we would work together as a team to complete the Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness. Santa has twelve acts of kindness on his beard, and the goal of the class is to complete one act each day. Once the act of kindness has been completed, we get to trim Santa’s beard. At the end of each day, we discuss how we displayed our act of kindness and prepare for the upcoming day. We’ll continue to do this for the full twelve days until all of the acts of Christmas kindness have been done and Santa’s beard is short. The children are very motivated and excited about helping to make a difference in another person’s life in these very simple ways. Our hope is that once the holiday season is over the children will continue to share these random acts of kindness at school and at home. See below for a fresh Santa’s beard. Feel free to post it at home as a gentle reminder!
Michelle & Lisa
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School