20 Years For Lizzie

When a teacher reaches a significant milestone of service at CGS, Marie always takes great care to celebrate and acknowledge them. In typical times, a parent with a particularly strong bond with the teacher is asked to say a few words at the final assembly. It is always a heartwarming moment for everyone. As with so many other things last school year, this tradition was interrupted by COVID. Marie didn’t want Liz’s big moment to go unnoticed by the school community so, instead of an emotional in-person speech, we’re sharing this blog with everyone.

So… imagine you’re in the Church (probably sweating because it is always so hot for the final assembly) and Marie announces that Liz is celebrating her 20th year at CGS. Hatice and Stathis are invited to take to the stage to say a few words about Liz, a beloved teacher in their families’ life…

What a blessing it has been for all of the CGS Families to have had Liz Bullen-Farkas’s magical presence for the past 20 years. Liz represents the very best of CGS. I’m sure that countless families over the years would echo our sentiments and agree that her boundless love, patience, creativity, energy and experience have always been a steadying, encouraging and calming force for both the children in her class and their families. Our two boys, Alexander and Leo, got an invaluable head-start to school and learning by experiencing the magic of Liz’s Early Start class. Our children looked forward to seeing “Lizzie’s” smile and received the warmest of hugs everyday as she welcomed them to the classroom. At the start of the school year, when morning drop offs could be tricky and sometimes tearful, Liz always knew how to distract, calm and reassure our little ones and tell them that all would be well. That reassurance extended to anxious parents too. We look back with love and warmth at our many memories of this very special person and are reminded what a difference one person can make in so many lives.

We love you Liz!

~ The Notidis Family

Congratulations Liz. You are such a huge part of life at CGS – your contributions over the years are too many to count. From your work in the classroom to Mother’s Day Teas and Holiday Outreach and your impressive pivot to online teaching when Covid hit – thank you for all of your hard work. Happy 21st year!