20 Years With Terry

What a special morning we had at school today. Fred Fox, Terry Fox’s brother, came to speak with staff and students. Fred is such a lovely man and it was a pleasure to host him for the second time. Fred is scheduled to come and see us again next fall so this trip was truly an added privilege. Our next run will be our 20th run and Fred very kindly came to acknowledge this achievement on behalf of the Terry Fox Foundation. The CGS community has collectively raised over $140,000 for cancer research to date. Wow. Fred talked about Terry and shared personal stories from his life growing up with him. He also showed an amazing video that we have never seen before that featured the close up sound of Terry’s footfalls. It was an extraordinarily moving video that perfectly captured the sheer physical endurance that every footstep required of Terry. Fred hadn’t seen the video in over a year and he was visibly moved along with the rest of us. There was barely a dry eye in the house. Some of our most recent Terry Fox Award recipients were thrilled to have their picture taken with Fred. (We missed you Briony!) The Grade 2’s even stopped Fred as he was heading out the door to ask for his autograph. A very special thank you to Sara A for cultivating our relationship with the Terry Fox Foundation over all these years and for heading up all things Terry at CGS. Her spirit and dedication to this exceptional man and worthy cause has created a beautiful culture of valuing perseverance, determination and courage here at CGS. This, along with Marie’s exceptional example of caring and giving to others, has made it possible for us as a community to gather forces and make a real difference. A heartfelt thank you again to Fred and his family for continuing the work that Terry started.