Celebrate Leadership! Announcing our 2023/2024 Student Government!

After an inspiring campaign a few weeks ago, we are delighted to officially introduce our elected CGS Student Government leaders who will represent their official titles and Student Government pins with pride. Congratulations to Mayor Jasper, Deputy Mayor Jonathan, Grade 2/3 Class Rep Councillors Thomas and Frank, and our Grade 1 Class Rep Councillor Conor, who have exemplified qualities of responsibility, integrity, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact in our school community.

These exceptional individuals will now take on significant roles within our school, spearheading responsibilities that will shape the school environment and create a more inclusive and vibrant place for all our CGS students and community.

As we award them their well-deserved pins, we also look forward to discussing their exciting future duties. From organizing special event days to fostering community involved fundraisers, our student government will play a pivotal role in creating a positive school atmosphere.

With the holiday season approaching, our student leaders are already gearing up for their first task of a community-wide initiative to raise food donations for those in need. This project embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines our school. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others and spread warmth and joy during this festive season to families and individuals across our community and Toronto who are in need of a little support this holiday.

Join us in congratulating our student government winners and supporting them as they embark on this enriching journey. Together, let’s make our school a place where leadership, kindness, and community spirit thrive.

Here’s to a new year of growth, collaboration, and positive change with our incredibly driven CGS Student Government of 2023/2024.