Term 2 Mental Health and Wellness Day


Selfcare is the best care. Taking a break from our regular scheduled programming is crucial in order to heal, destress and grow through any and all life experiences. Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. Mental Breaks allow us to reflect on the lessons we have learned whether those be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and celebrate our achievements. They help us continue to move forward with happiness, ease and calmness. We then get the greatest gift to fully live in the moment, and life truly becomes a celebration!

CGS Term 2 Mental Health and Wellness Day was this week, and everyone had a great day participating. All of our classes took a break from our regular scheduled academics to focus and reflect on the importance of self-care and mindfulness for our overall mental health and wellness. Some classes read mindfulness stories and crafts. Other classes reflected on their emotions, how they cope with them and how they express them. All of our classes joined in for some yoga with Mai where attention to deep breath and calmness was the forefront of their practice. Our grade 1-4 students joined an Improv Comedy workshop with special guest, Ashley Seaman from Y.A.Y. -You Amaze You, where they got to connect, play and use their imagination to explore, practice and create work that sparked their creativity, emotions and collaborative connections.

Here are some fun and helpful tips to continue to practice self-care with your child at home, especially over the Long Family Day weekend ahead!

  • Move your body to boost your energy, change your mood, release stress or anxiety. Throw on your favourite music and let go!
  • Practice mindfulness. Meditate, Deep breathes, work on your calm through yoga, mindful movement or getting outside and exploring in nature.
  • Get social and laugh! Have a chat with a close friend and family to talk about things you love with those you love!
  • Journal and/or draw about your thoughts and feelings and share them with your friends or family.
  • Connect & play with yourself, with your friends, with your mind! Exploring and expanding your imagination is a great way to boost everyone’s spirits and let go!

Have a look at some of the great activities our students participated in this Mental Health and Wellness Day!