3D Fun

The Grade 4’s have been doing 3D geometry in math lately. This week, we spent out math class doing three different stations. One of the stations was where you have to make 3D shapes with paper. There were dotted lines on the paper for us to follow. The second station was about builidng polyhedrons using linking cubes. We also had to make congruent figures using just squares or just triangles. At the last station, we built the skeletons of polyhedrons with marshmallows and toothpicks. The marshmallows represented the vertices and the toothpicks represented the edges. We had to make six shape skeletons. Our teacher Michelle let us eat marshmallows after we completed this station! (Even though we didn’t get marshmallows after every station we still loved them all.) Next we will be learning about fractions and decimals. I think this will be as fun as working on 3D geometry!

Gavin McAlpine
Grade 4 Correspondent
Chidren’s Garden School.