A Busy Week at CGS!

In Our Classrooms

We have been busy at CGS this week! Our classrooms have been buzzing with activity after a nice long weekend. Check out what we have been up to!

Early Start

Our Early Start learners were working with the fall leaves this week. They first worked together on a teacher led group activity. This type of activity helps to build communication and listening skills, as well as important social skills like taking turns. After the group activity, students worked individually to create their own work of art using the leaves. Our Early Start class is full of artists!




Our JK class has been working hard building their fine motor skills, which is an important part of the kindergarten program. Developing these skills helps with not only academic skills like printing and cutting, but also building independent skills, like doing up zippers and using eating utensils. Fine motor skills are developed in many ways in the JK classroom, but perhaps the most fun is through play dough! The JK class also used play dough for Teamwork Tuesday this week, where they were working together to roll play dough into spheres, then fill in their picture.




Structured literacy can be tactile! SK students used individual sand boxes to practice spelling frequently used words like “an”, “the”, or “can”. This type of hands on activity builds skills in an engaging way while still focussing on foundations of literacy.



Dance Party Friday!

We love Dance Party Friday at CGS! Every Friday after announcements we have a short dance party. It’s a really nice way to spend a few minutes together as a school before the day starts. We think that our dancers get an A+ for enthusiasm!