A Castle Christmas

This past Wednesday, the Grades 1 and 2 students visited the famous Casa Loma, where we joined in to take part in the holiday spirit! The historical attraction was beautifully decorated for the holidays, with so much for all to see. We started off our morning by walking through the very impressive 800 foot underground tunnel to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus! Each child (and teacher) sat on Santa’s knee and posed for a photo and we all enjoyed a chat with Mrs. Claus. In the Stables, the children all took their turn in the bouncy castle that was set up for them to enjoy. This was a definite highlight! We then headed to the extravagant library to watch a very entertaining magic show followed by an impressive skating show. The children were blown away, and they learned a magic trick themselves! We ended our visit by turning some of our students into reindeer with face paint and creating a reindeer craft! Michelle M, Jordan, Ceci, Meagan and myself were highly impressed with the entire experience, and we know that the children all had a memorable time at Casa Loma.

Michelle Luke
Grade 1 Teacher
Children’s Garden School