A JK Caterpillar Adventure

The JK’s have just swapped out their April Resourcefulness Character Education board for May’s focus – Adventurous Spirit. It is a fun tie-in to the building excitement around their caterpillars! They will soon be turning into butterflies. Sara and Meesh will be taking the children to Marie and Don’s garden, when the time is right, to release these magical creatures, to begin their amazing adventure as butterflies. The children have been having so much fun caring for their caterpillars (or ‘cats’ as they like to call them), watching them grow and learning about their life cycle. Butterflies make for a perfect example of symmetry so that was a fun math activity and the children particularly loved making their own pom pom caterpillars and naming them. It is only a matter of time before the ‘cats’ attach themselves to the lids of their containers to form a chrysalis so stay tuned for more updates from the JK’s as their adventure unfolds!