A Very Special Visitor

On Monday we had a special visitor come to the school. Reserve Officer Kevin Vuong from Her Majesty’s Ship YORK came to speak to the children and staff about Veterans’ Week and Remembrance Day. Thank you to the Student Government for introducing him so respectfully. Officer Kevin shared many pictures of the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping people in Canada and around the world. He shared his story about why he decided to join the Royal Canadian Navy and explained that when his parents decided to leave Vietnam because it was not safe for them to live there, Canada welcomed them. This is why he chooses to serve Canada as a naval officer. He is very thankful to live in a safe and peaceful country. Reserve Officer Vuong then explained why we wear poppies and have a moment of silence. The children were so attentive and asked some fantastic questions. One of the highlights of Reserve Officer Vuong’s presentation was when he taught all the children to properly salute. We are so thankful to Reserve Officer Vuong for taking the time to come to our school and share his knowledge and experience with us. A sincere thank you to Reserve Officer Vuong, and to all the Canadian men and women who serve and have served to make our world a safer and more peaceful place.
Michelle M, Anah & Emily
Veterans’ Week Convenors
Children’s Garden School