About the Author

We have 17 very proud authors at CGS! Grade 2/3 has been busy all term in literacy, creating their own stories. We spent the whole term on this project and concentrated on each aspect of the story writing process. We learned about the parts of a story – beginning, middle and end – and what each part entails. We brainstormed many different characters, settings, problems and solutions and worked through many of our ideas before settling on the final storyline. After brainstorming we made rough drafts, where we took the time to edit our own work to catch mistakes or find areas where we could add more detail. We referenced our knowledge of transition words, adjectives and adverbs to make our stories more exciting. Finally, we created our good copies, added illustrations, and wrote captivating blurbs to entice our readers to want to check out our work. There is even an About the Author section! The students enjoyed presenting their stories to their peers, and even reading them to their reading buddies! We are so proud of the hard work that went into these stories. They are amazing. Way to go Grade 2/3!

Lisa Garard & Michelle Luke
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School