Above & Beyond

We wanted to recognize two students before the close of the school year. These two little people both made significant contributions, one to our school library and one to Children of Hope Uganda, by choosing to give to others instead of taking for themselves. Thank you to S. for asking her friends to purchase a book for the CGS library instead of buying her a birthday present. You can see from the photos that this made for a very big donation indeed! Zandee is looking forward to adding all of these wonderful books to the shelves this summer. Thank you to our JK friend, her parents and all the gift givers for making this lovely gesture. And to Deva, who couldn’t go to the Bey Blade Tournament in Paris, so instead came up with the idea of hosting his own. He invited his friends for a great day of blading fun and lots of food in the backyard. The price of admission was a $20 donation to Children of Hope Uganda. Thank you to Deva’s parents for supporting him to raise a total of $361.50! Well done Deva. These not so little acts of philanthropy from children so young are incredibly encouraging. Keep up the good works kids!