After Care Fun

Over the past two months, the friends in After Care have been having lots of fun. After playground time (immediately following school dismissal) we always enjoy a tasty snack from RFRK. Apple-cinnamon rounds are a particular favourite! Building structures is one of the most popular After Care activities right now. It’s not unusual to find children of different ages working together to build towers, towns or machines. After Care team work is a beautiful thing!

Once a week, typically toward the end of the week, we gather in a circle and do something called “roses, thorns, and rosebuds”. Everyone gets a chance to share. A rose is something nice that happened, a thorn is something that may have been difficult, and a rosebud is something the children are looking forward to on their weekend or the following week. This offers a great opportunity for each child to communicate their feelings. Feel free to use this at home – the children love it. It makes for a nice conversation starter at the dinner table or during bedtime routines.

Our current project is an After Care Joke Book! Many friends have been eager to share their jokes with the group. It’s so nice to be able to make each other laugh. As we brace for colder weather, there are lots of fun activities planned for those extra snowy and cold days when getting outside isn’t possible. After Care is a fun place to be!


Dana Friedrichsen
After Care Teacher
Children’s Garden School