Almost the Holidays!

Almost the Holidays!

On our last day before the holiday break, our classes had a fun and relaxing day. Our students had a free dress day and pizza lunch. We are so happy that even our youngest students enjoy participating in these events!



Our kindergarten classes had a special day as well. Our JKs had a special snack and a holiday gift exchange. Our SK class has been working on a special winter craft that they will take home to brighten up their holiday. Additionally, they created beautiful snow globes in their art class!



Our older grades had a wonderful last day as well! Our grade one class did a very exciting activity: they made slime! The kids took turns mixing the ingredients and adjusted as they went along to find the perfect formula. The class also spent time together doing LEGO, playing games, and drawing. It was the perfect way to finish off a busy term!



Our student government delivered a special surprise: hot chocolate!



We finished our day with House Games! We love getting together for House Games and it felt extra special right before the winter break.


Happy holidays and see you in the new year!