Amazing Mazes in SK

STEM continues to be a huge success in the SK class! This week, the SKs worked together to plan, design, build, and test their own mazes built from Q-Tips. With the introduction of Art to STEM (making it STEAM) the SKs incorporated their creative side in each of their designs, developing intricate and absolutely outstanding mazes. They continue to raise the bar for themselves by choosing to challenge themselves more and more with each design. One group in particular chose to take apart their entire maze, develop a new design, and rebuild a larger and more challenging one as they found it to be too easy to get through the first time around. Whether they were adding more dead-ends and traps or expanding their maze as a whole, each group took on new challenges with confidence as a team.

Take a look at the board outside the SK class for more photos of the mazes, the students collaborating together and testing their designs, along with descriptions about their mazes, the challenges they faced, and how they problem-solved to reach overall success!

Meagan and Paula
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School