Ancient Egypt Comes to Life

The Grade 2 Class started their unit on Ancient Civilizations this week. They are exploring Ancient Egypt first. To get the children excited about what’s ahead, an ‘Egyptian Mummy’ visited the class. When first learning about something new, the students use the KWL Chart strategy. The K stands for what we know, the W for what we wonder, and the L for what we have learned. The students first looked at various pictures of pyramids and artifacts and completed the K portion of their strategy, writing down everything they already know about the subject. They were then brought into the classroom where they observed the mummy (a collection of pillows under a sheet..shhh) and they discussed the process of mummification. Fake canopic jars, labeled with the specific Egyptian God that protects each organ of the pharaohs, were placed around the classroom. The students had fun putting their hands in the jars and guessing which organ it might be! Jello and a cooked beet stood in for the liver, two pieces of grapefruit and jello were the lungs, beans in plastic wrap made up the stomach and hot dogs in jello were the intestines. There was so much excitement in the classroom and the students were full of curious questions, eager to learn more about this ancient civilization!

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School