Arctic Dad

The SKs have been learning so much about the Polar regions this term, focusing on the animals that live there and how they survive and adapt to the various elements and frigid temperatures. They were very fortunate to have a special guest visit on Wednesday to talk to them about his very own experience in the Arctic!

Ashton’s dad began his presentation by discussing the geographical location of the North Pole and asking the SKs several questions to get a sense of what they already knew. Luckily, the SKs had not yet learned about arctic rocks and that was exactly what Dave had come to talk to them about!

Dave had spent 8 weeks working in the arctic in search of metals in the earth using a diamond drill. The rocks that were dug up were sent for testing to find out if they contained particular metals that we make things out of today. There were two main types of rocks that Dave helped drill, rocks known as “core samples” and others called “round rocks”. The core samples were drilled up in the shape of a cylinder, while the round rocks were found scattered throughout the arctic some the size of a golf ball and some much bigger than the SKs and Dave himself! The round rocks got their name because of their super smooth, round shape caused by erosion. They have been tossed and rolled around the ocean floor for hundreds and thousands of years. The SKs were able to experience these types of rocks up close as Dave had brought some samples in for the SKs to get a closer look and even hold themselves!

The SKs would like to thank Dave again for coming in to share his fascinating experience and knowledge with us, and for teaching them in such an exhilarating and inspiring way. Thank you Dave!

Meagan & Paula
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School