Are You A Coffee Bean?


At our kick off meeting of this school year, I introduced the CGS Staff to the story of The Coffee Bean. Each staff member received their own personal copy of the book as well as a coffee bean inside of a small container, to act as a reminder of an important lesson shared and learned. I read the book aloud for them all to consider and enjoy.


For those of you who are not familiar with ‘The Coffee Bean’, it is an inspiring tale that follows Abe, a young man filled with stress and fear as he faces various challenges and pressures both at home and at school. One day after class, his teacher shares with him the life-changing story of The Coffee Bean, and this powerful message changes the way he thinks, acts and sees the world.


Life is often difficult. It can be harsh, stressful and feel like a pot of boiling hot water. The environments we find ourselves in can change, weaken or harden us, and test who we truly are. We can be like a carrot that weakens in a pot of hot water or we can be like an egg that hardens in hot water. Or, better yet, we can be like the coffee bean and discover the power inside us to transform our environment.


In ‘The Coffee Bean’ we follow Abe as he embarks on an inspirational journey to live his life like a coffee bean. Wherever life takes him, Abe demonstrates how this simple lesson can unleash the unstoppable power within all of us. Our CGS goal this year is to be inspired by Abe’s story and find opportunities to be coffee beans whenever we can.


This same story and message will be shared with the students over the coming weeks and each student will be given their own coffee bean to keep with them as a reminder to live our lives like coffee beans.  Ask your children about The Coffee Bean story and when things get tough, remind them of their ability to approach life like a coffee bean rather than a carrot or an egg.  Since children learn best by watching, spend some time yourself thinking about ways to approach your life like a coffee bean.


We look forward to hearing everyone’s coffee bean stories throughout the school year.  Let’s all be coffee beans together and overcome our challenges and create positive change in our life, our school and indeed the world.




Marie Bates