Art Rocks at CGS

Thank you to everyone who came to our Art Show last Friday. It was a real celebration of our talented artists at CGS. The pride the students take in their art was evident in the display of varied works and in the conversations the students enjoyed having about their pieces. Sharing work with others is a very important part of the creative process and the children did a great job of expressing their feelings about their work. The students had lots of fun designing Life is Good t-shirts and taking photos with Bouthaina’s colourful wings. A highlight of the afternoon was the Grade 2/3 project on their chosen famous artist. Not only did each student become an expert on a famous artist, they also managed to create a work of art that reflected their style.

I’m very proud of these talented little artists, the future of art holds much promise. Thank you to Lisa and Jamie for helping with the set-up and to Bouthaina for her beautiful wing display!

Ceci Scott
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School