Asian Heritage Month Continues at CGS

Early Start

The Early Start classes worked on some beautiful Chinese lanterns this week. Learning about the countries of Japan and China for Asian Heritage Month, the classes have been busy reading stories, watching videos and even learning some mandarin! These beautiful Chinese lanterns are adding to the classroom decor.

Junior Kindergarten

For many South Asian cultures, including India, the elephant is a symbol of intellectual strength, wisdom, courage, longevity, patience, honor, and stature. It is a sacred animal and is considered the representation or the living incarnation of the Hindu diety, Ganesha. The JK class has been learning about the elephant as part of Asian Heritage Month. This week they made their own beautiful elephant symbols using vibrant colours and even adding their own jewel decorations!

Grade 1

The grade 1’s learned more this week about South Korea for Asian Heritage month. They learned about Hanji – traditional handmade paper made in Korea from the mulberry tree. Hanji is an extremely durable paper that many use to make origami. It can also be woven to make baskets, other household goods or turned into a clay-like substance that is used to make bowls and other items.

Afterwards, the students learned of a fun game that many children play in Korea called “Ddakji”. Folding two coloured papers into square disks, the object of the game is to try and use your disk to flip over your opponents. The children learned how to fold their own ddakji, then challenged each other to a few games!

Grade 2

As part of Asian Heritage Month, our Grade 2 class has been learning about Vietnam. This week they have been learning about the dragon symbol, it’s legend and importance in Vietnamese culture. As a class they worked together to create their own dragon symbol to decorate their classroom door.

Grades 3&4

The Grades 3&4 class is learning about Hawaii as their Asian Heritage Month studies. This week, during art class, they made these beautiful hibiscus flowers with pastels and water colour. Art teacher, Carrie, took the opportunity to teach the students about how hibiscus thrive in a Hawaiian climate and the many varieties that grow there.