Asian Heritage Month

Early Start

Our Early Start class has been learning about China. Recently they made these beautiful Pandas and learned all about Pandas – where they thrive, what they eat and how they interact with the world around them. The Early Start class also finished their cherry blossom art and put it on beautiful display!

Senior Kindergarten

The SK class has been learning about the Philippines for Asian Heritage Month. They made their own Philippines flag to decorate the classroom door. They also talked about the carabao this week. The carabao is the Philippine national animal and is a water buffalo native to the country.

Grade 3&4

The Grade 3&4 class are learning about Hawaii for Asian Heritage Month. This week they looked at Tiki masks. They have studied what Tiki masks are and why they are important in Hawaiian culture. They learned what they are typically made of and how the mask tradition made its way to North America. They followed the lesson by making their own version of a Tiki mask and decorated the Grade 3&4 classroom door with their work.