Thank you to everyone who came out to Bingo Night last Friday. It was a walloping success. Over $7000 was raised for the Parent Association, a CGS record! The funds will be put to very good use for special trips and events for the children this year and into next. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves too! The energy was electric in the room. The kids were so excited to play for all those tantalizing prizes. We know it is a high maintenance evening for parents, helping the kids with playing bingo and trying to get them fed too, all on a Friday night. Thank you for embracing the challenges and having fun. A very big thank you to Lesley and Kristi for organizing such a well-thought-out evening. Special mention to Liz and all the CGS staff for helping the evening run so smoothly too. The staff made it possible for parents to focus on their children and have fun, rather than volunteering at the event. We make a good team! Finally, kudos to the Kontos Family, winners of the substantial 50/50 draw, for donating their winnings back to the PA. Elias and George could have stashed the money in their piggy banks but instead chose to share it with their CGS family. Thank you boys.