Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and Thoughtfulness

The Early Start classes are preparing for Valentine’s Day fun. They have been busy decorating their classrooms with hearts and their phonics lessons have been incorporating Valentine’s Day vocabulary.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class surprised their teachers this week. Meesh and Sara are always encouraging the class to line up their boots like it’s a shoe store. Imagine their surprise when they saw the JK boots so perfectly arranged without a reminder. Congratulations to the JK class for being so thoughtful, considerate and neat!

Senior Kindergarten

The story Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt follows the life of Clara who was a slave working the cotton fields. Clara’s Aunt Rachel taught her to sew. She became a seamstress and made a quilt of a map. The map was of the Freedom Railroad. Sweet Clara’s determination, skill and ingenuity eventually got her on the Freedom Railroad herself where she was able to escape to Canada and be reunited with her mother.

The SK class utilized their impressive reading comprehension and artistic skills to create their own beautiful synopsis of Sweet Clara’s story.

Grade 1

The Grade 1 class has been learning about Harriet Tubman. Harriet’s life from slave to abolitionist and political activist sparked some fantastic discussion within the class. There were so many insightful questions for Michelle and Chelsea to address. In follow up to the discussion, the students have begun working on a special assignment which will be featured next week.

Grade 2

The Grade 2 class is focusing on thoughtfulness this month. The class decided it would be thoughtful to create some lovely cards for seniors! They will send the cards to the seniors through the Sending Sunshine organization, in hopes of sending a great deal of sunshine to these wonderful residents in our community. The Grade 2’s are so excited to take part in activities showcasing how thoughtful they can be!

Grades 3&4

Mani and and the Grades 3&4 class have been doing some great work with the ‘Making Waves’ educational music presentation for Black History Month. This week they have been exploring the origins of Jazz and some of the fundamental music elements involved such as syncopation and improvisation.