Keep Talking, Keep Questioning

The Grade 2/3’s have been talking about racism and the huge events we’ve seen unfolding over the last few weeks. They’ve been creating images of support and tolerance. It has been an incredibly troubling time in the United States that has had far-reaching effects across the world and it has galvanized public discourse and engagement in a way we’ve never seen before. Marie and her son Dan have added their voices to the discussion. They have eloquently shared their personal experiences with racism in their own lives; Dan from the perspective of a black child growing up in Leaside and Marie from her perspective as a mother, raising a family of many colours in Leaside. Both of their articles have ‘gone viral’. Their stories are being used in educational environments (schools and universities across Ontario) to help increase awareness and understanding. If you haven’t had a chance to read their articles, please take the time to do so. In the meantime, we hope that everyone is safe and well and practicing kindness. Let’s all stay on the lookout for ways we can deepen our understanding – of ourselves and others.

Dan’s Article
Marie’s Message