Grade 1 Blasts Off!

3…2…1…Blast Off! This week the Grade 1s made rocket ships during their S.T.E.M. lesson. After a fun colouring and construction period, the Grade 1s all went down to the gym for a flight test to the moon. The Grade 4s joined us as judges to determine who won the competition. After the Grade 1s were lined up and ready to shoot for the moon, Judge Riley said a few words:

“Did you know that no rocket ship has ever travelled past the moon. Let’s see if you can try to do that today.”

After a few test runs, the Grade 1s made their final flight, and the Grade 4 Judges came over to make their deliberations. The Judges took into consideration who came closest to the moon, and whose rocket had to travel the farthest.

What a nice collaboration between the Grade 1s and Grade 4s. They proved that working together and sharing ideas is truly “out of this world!”

Emily & Heather
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School