Canada History Week

November 22-26 marked Canada History Week. This year’s theme is Indigenous History. Our CGS classrooms spent time talking and learning about the history of Indigenous persons in Canada.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK class talked about the many things that are part of our everyday life that are from Indigenous origins. Each student created a collection of pictures they drew and labelled of some of the Indigenous inventions that are important to them.

Grade 2

After a lesson on the many important ways and things Indigenous Canadians contributed, the Grade 2 students each chose something they were interested in exploring further. They chose to research medicines, lacrosse, shinny and darts.

Grades 3&4

The Grade 3 & 4 class explored the Art Gallery of Ontario virtually. Indigenous Art is the oldest in the world and the collection housed at the AGO reflects recent and historical practices and the continuities in between. The Indigenous art includes works from the First Peoples of North America, namely First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. The students were able to research the Indigenous collection themselves and discover diverse objects, artists/makers, categories, and dates.