Casa Loma Comes to Life in Early Start

This week the Early Starts have been gearing up for our Cozy Toronto Spirit Day! Our landmark is Casa Loma, Toronto’s only castle. The Early Starts enjoyed learning all about the history of this fascinating landmark. The children were surprised to learn that it took 300 people to build the castle over 3 years. We didn’t stop there though! The Early Starts looked at examples of castles from all over the world and noticed the differences and similarities of the shapes, colours and structures. We discussed the various functions of castles and then the children had the opportunity to build their own castles in groups. The Early Starts had a wonderful time at the stations using different building materials including wooden blocks, play dough, magna tiles, popsicle sticks, linking logs and stickle bricks. The teachers were impressed with the creativity in the room! There is so much more to explore with building structures, we can’t wait to expand on this fun topic and create more STEM building challenges.

Anah, Clare, Liz & Dana
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School