Celebrating Pride

Pride Month is here and with it comes so much colour! The children have been making all kinds of rainbows, learning about all kinds of families and all kinds of love. The JK’s building challenge this week was to make a rainbow out of whatever they had at their disposal at home. They produced some creative solutions. They even made a rainbow out of all the JK daddies’ names for Gratitude Thursday! The Grade 2/3’s came up with some great paper flag designs. Did you know the Pride flag was created by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 and that each of the 6 colours of the rainbow flag have a meaning?

Red is for life
Orange is for healing
Yellow for sunlight
Green for nature
Blue for harmony
Purple is for spirit

The Grade 1’s also read ‘And Tango Makes Three’, based on the true story of two chinstrap penguins named Roy and Silo who made a pair bond and created a family together in New York’s Central Park Zoo. With the help of the zookeeper, Roy and Silo are given an egg which they help hatch and the female chick, that completes their family, is named “Tango” by the zookeepers. You can see some of the responses from the children below. Beautiful! Marie got a new book for the Early Starts too called Pride Puppy, all about a cute little dog that gets lost at the Pride Parade. Luckily, there are lots of people around to help reunite the pup with his family.

These children are so lucky to be growing up in this time and in this place, where the idea that ‘love is love’ is normal, commonplace, and just another thing we are as human beings.