CGS Alumni Visit from Sunnybrook!

It always brings such joy when we have visitors to our school. Even more joy to our staff and community when they happen to be CGS Alumni! Today our grade 2-4 students had an informative visit from 3 of Sunnybrook School’s graduating grade 6 students. Two of the students were CGS Alumni who graduated in 2020: Sophia G and Brooke R., and the third guest was a fellow classmate, Isabelle.

For their grade 6 final culmination project at Sunnybrook School, the girls were tasked to collaboratively organize an informative discussion of a world topic of their choosing and present it to a younger group of students. They chose to present about the Amazon Rainforest and the environmental impacts of deforestation. They prepared an amazing video with all the findings from their research that captivated our students.

As June is also National Indigenous History Month, the girls touched upon how our actions and overactive deforestation is actually infringing and invading on our Indigenous’ lands, waters and communities. Our grade 2-4 students were a respectful and reflective audience, enjoyed the video and asked the girls relevant questions on their presentation topic at the end and ways in which we can collectively help.

Thank you for visiting, and we wish you all the best on your next future endeavors!