CGS Classes this week

The full day Early Start in-person and online enjoyed a wonderful winter story ‘The Sneezy Snowman’. The students are being introduced to reading comprehension and all successfully answered the question ‘Why did the Snowman melt?’ The Early Start’s are enjoying the wonder of literacy!
The Early Start online students joined their in-person classmates on Friday morning for their yoga session. Even some parents joined the class!

Junior Kindergarten

During circle time this week, Sara gave the JK’s some wonderful suggestions on how to practice their word recognition and writing. Using her suggestions, students got to work and focused in to write the word ‘ran’. The focus was so intense that sometimes even a tongue participated in the writing!

Senior Kindergarten

SKs have been up to a LOT of fun lately… and most especially on Thursday! As a STEAM initiative, the class made marshmallow towers using just marshmallows and toothpicks. After they built their towers, they simulated an earthquake to see if their structure would survive! They had such a thrill with this creation and their imaginative minds excelled.

Grade 1

The Grade 1’s have been learning all about 2D/3D objects. This week they were challenged to make various 2D images using provided geo boards and elastics. We even had one student challenge herself to make a 3D house! The children had a blast – it was so sweet watching them praise each other’s creations. As well, following a set of 2D instructions, the children built a cabin. It was really fun seeing the different interpretations.

Grade 1’s have been busy learning the phonics rule: final -ve – when you hear a /v/ sound at the end of a word, you spell it /ve/. The class reviewed and practiced the rule by playing it as a game show! Taking turns, each student had to figure out if the question was a Spell Well word that started with a letter v or ended with the final -ve rule! The students had a blast learning with their game show. Who says learning can’t be fun!

Grade 2 

Each morning the Grade 2 class chooses 3 words to take them through the day. They use the words regularly throughout their school day. These are their words for Tuesday. Even small things can make a significant impact.

Grade 3&4

Our Grade 3&4 class had fun starting Friday with a dance party to some Ed Sheeran!