CGS classrooms this week

For Groundhog Day, the Early Start class made Groundhog puppets and learned all about shadows. They conducted a science experiment using a sheet and flashlights creating shadows and learning about light directionality.

Junior Kindergarten

For ‘Fun Fact Friday’, the JK class created their own ‘Mystery Bag’. Each student chose a small item from home that would fit in a small paper bag. Everyone came up with 3 clues that would help their classmates figure out what the mystery item is. Meesh and Sara provided several examples of their own throughout the week, including a kangaroo. The kangaroo clues were: this is an animal | this animal hops | this animal carries their babies in their pouch.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK class celebrated the Groundhog Day prediction of an early spring by making some spectacular groundhog hats. They were happy to hear that there will only be another 4 weeks of winter!

Grade 2

The Grade 2 class has been learning about Africville this week. The primarily Black community since 1848 is in Nova Scotia and has been subject to race-based discrimination and human rights violations at the hands of government leaders. The class has been learning some of the community history and were tasked with writing a journalistic newspaper piece on the community.


This week, the Gr. 2 class participated in a special Lunar New Year ‘Tiger’ field trip hosted by The Toronto Zoo and the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.┬áThe students learned about tiger qualities and characteristics. It was particularly interesting to learn about how those characteristics had been incorporated into the year of the Tiger celebrations.

Grade 3&4

As part of this week’s STEM curriculum, our Grades 3&4 class created slingshots using only popsicle sticks, glue, and elastic bands.