CGS classrooms this week

Early Start

Our Early Start classes have been hard at work on their fine motor skills using scissors to cut shapes accurately. They were tasked to sort and glue the carefully cut-out shapes into the correct column. We are so proud of our fantastic Early Start students!

Junior Kindergarten

The JK’s have been practicing their printing by focusing on the difference between upper and lower case partner letters. As an extra bonus the students were challenged to circle their vowels too!

Senior Kindergarten

The SK class started their first week back to school with a fun STEM challenge. Using mini-marshmallows and Lucky Charms cereal the students were tasked with creating shapes, building and counting. As part of their documentation challenge they were to draw their creations and document their numbers and findings. Of course it never hurts to have a mini-marshmallow to snack on when you are feeling hungry too!
Our SK class is working on their reading comprehension, writing AND drawing skills. The beautiful story ‘Not My Dragon’ about Crispin, the dragon and Sir George, the Knight provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to strut their skills.


During STEM this week the Grade 1 class created a nursery for Michelle’s baby girl. In their groups, the students worked together to build things like a crib, a changing table and a dresser, all to ensure that the baby has all of the necessities. They considered so many details like diapers, food, a nurse and even a doctor on hand! As well, to keep Michelle’s older boys entertained they also built them a swimming pool with a waterslide, a park and a extra special gate to keep the whole family safe. It was a really lovely activity and the students had a blast. Michelle is so lucky to have all of these ideas to help with her home nursery!