CGS Classrooms this week

Early Start

Our Early Start students are getting ready for Earth Day. They made these beautiful painted hand posters to commemorate the day.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class prepared their own ‘earth’ on a paper plate using tissue paper – even including a special perimeter around their earth. They brainstormed about the many ways they could be helpful and kind to the planet.

Senior Kindergarten

In advance of Earth Day, our SK class went on a nature scavenger hunt together. They searched for items on their guide sheet but also discovered spiders, listened for nature sounds and even imagined butterflies flying around.

Grade 2

Our Grade 2 class has finished their first round of speeches. Public speaking is one of the pillar’s of the CGS curriculum.The students choose their subject and did their own research with their teacher helping them tweak their writing and deportment. Speeches were given on everything from life on other planets, Hawaii and the history of volleyball to Persian rugs!
The students were so supportive of each other and spent time discussing each speech subject together. We are so proud of the impressive statesmanship that our CGS students are developing and are anticipating some great finalist speeches next week.

Grade 3&4

The Grade 3&4 class has been working on equivalent fractions. As part of their unit, the students were tasked with creating a visual representation of a fraction and it’s equivalent. They created their own design using different colours and patterns. They then filled in each fraction and found the equivalent fraction.