CGS classrooms this week

Our Early Start class thoroughly enjoyed their gym time this week!

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class made their own maze this week. The goal was to guide magnets successfully through the flat paper maze. Each student got to make their own maze and Simon worked with each student to help them ‘drive’ their magnet through the maze while the rest of the class cheered them on.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK’s were tasked with building their own penguin enclosures and had to become engineers for the day. They embraced their assignment with gusto, watching live zoo cams and even channeling their inner penguin to understand more fully what a penguin needs. They created some fantastic enclosures!

Grade 1

The Grade 1 class has been learning all about verbs this week. They read the book ‘To Root, To Toot, To Parachute’ together and talked about all the ways a verb helps us communicate our actions. Their work assignment helped them find and identify action words.

Grade 2

The Grade 2 class continued learning all about Canadian Provinces. This week’s province was Nova Scotia. They learned about the provincial symbols, flag, geography, population, and some general history. The class talked about the famous Bluenose. To help them learn and remember the names of our Canadian provinces the class has a special ‘Provinces’ song.

The Grade 2’s had fun with their new science unit, Properties of Liquids and Solids. They explored viscosity and experimented with the flow of different liquids. Students were put into pairs, and they chose three different liquids for their liquid flow race. The choices were vinegar, cooking oil, juice, ketchup, maple syrup, shampoo and barbeque sauce. Once they chose their liquid racers, they hypothesized about which would have the fasted flow and the slowest flow. The fun part was next – students put their three liquids on a tray and tilted it up to see which liquid would ‘win’ the flow race.

Grade 3&4

The Grades 3&4 class have been learning about gears and bridge building. They created scenarios where gears work together to drive machinery and build bridges using pipe cleaners.

The Grade 3&4 STEM work this week was to build a slingshot using popsicle sticks. They had so much fun working together and helping each other put together something that was solid and functional.