CGS Clubs


Our extra-curricular clubs started this week. CGS is known for its extra-curriculars and the Covid restrictions keeping us from offering our students the full roster of clubs hurt everyone. As soon as TPH guidelines allowed for after school clubs and groups our CGS staff immediately finalized their plans and we got the information to our families. We are all thrilled that our JK through Grade 4 students can participate in their extra-curricular clubs once again!

Starting last Tuesday, we had our Craft Club (SK), Cross Country (Gr 1-4), Principals Club (Gr 1-4) and Improv Club (Gr 2). Our Grade 2 Improv club got under way with a small but mighty group! During their first meeting students began to learn the art of ‘Yes And’, and how we can make up our own stories, scenes and characters just by using our bodies, voices and imaginations. Students played lots of games and when the class was finished one student was quoted as saying ‘I wish everyday was improv club!’


Action Shot!


Starting this Monday, October 18 will be our Arts & Crafts (Gr 3/4), Architect Club (JK), Chess Club (Gr 1).