CGS Cross Country Day 2023!

The air was filled with energy and excitement as the CGS students of grades 1, 2, and 3 embarked on their cross-country adventure at Sherwood Park. It was a day filled with determination, enthusiasm, and beaming smiles as our young athletes displayed their remarkable CGS sportsmanship and spirit!

The event was a testament to the school’s commitment to promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition. Teachers, parents, and students came together to create an atmosphere of support and encouragement, which made the day that much more special.

For our grade 1 students, it was their first experience with our X-country event, but they approached it with courage and enthusiasm. They looked up to our grade 2 and 3 students who were there to offer supportive encouragement, and the younger ones found inspiration in their excitement and determination.

We had a big support system filled with students, teachers and the number one biggest fans, parents! Their cheering fuelled the students through their race. It was so great to see our community gathering together encouraging our racers to keep going.

As each class approached the finish line, it brought a wave of exhilaration and pride for all of our students. Every student, regardless of their finishing position, wore a smile of victory. It was a day of personal growth and achievements, where every participant celebrated their resilience and tenacity.

This year’s CGS X-country day for grades 1, 2, and 3 was a huge success. It was a day filled with determination, enthusiasm, and triumph. The event showcased the spirit and resilience of our strong athletes and left a lasting impression on everyone involved. Congratulations to all our CGS participants! You all won more then just a ribbon on this day!


Cross Country Day 2023 Recap!