Santa Visits CGS

CGS hosted a very special visitor on Monday. Santa himself visited the school virtually. Santa has been so impressed with our students this year. They have shown kindness, care and support to each other during these challenging times.

Santa read everyone a story about a hibernating bear ….. Santa took some extra time to answer questions. Each class had the opportunity to ask Santa some of their most burning questions! How are the reindeer doing? They are getting very excited and have more energy every day as we get closer to Christmas Eve. How does Santa deliver gifts to the entire world in one night? He has special powers to slow down time for one night! What are Santa’s favourite cookies? Santa loves sugar cookies, gingersnap cookies and chocolate chip cookies. How many elves are employed at the North Pole? Santa’s latest census counted 35,000 elves employed in Santa’s workshop. Does Rudolph need a nose polish once in a while? Rudolph’s nose shines brightly all on its own…. no polishing required!

Early Start

Our Early Starts enjoyed a second special visitor this week – Rudolph made an appearance outside of the Early Start classrooms! Rudolph is always so considerate and wants the children to be assured that he is all ready to deliver presents. Rudolph got a little peckish during his visit and needed to snack on a carrot. It’s serious work training for the Santa’s Sleigh team!

The Early Starts took full advantage of the snow that we had last week. They got straight to work making Snowmen in the playground.

Junior Kindergarten

The Junior Kindergarten class followed up their Festive Friends gift exchange last Friday by making ‘Thank You’ cards for the classmate that sent the gift. It’s such a beautiful way to acknowledge each other.


On Monday December 13th, 4 of our JK families celebrated Kushiali. The class was so grateful to join in the festivities on Tuesday when one of the students brought everything needed to create 2 colourful sticks so they could all take part in a special dance called Dandiya. The sticks are used to tap, wave, and move from side to side. The children danced along to festive videos and picked up the rhythm, beauty, and grace of the various moves.

Along with spending quality time with family, our friends enjoy delicious food, listen to festive music, say special prayers for peace and blessings for the world and have fun dancing the night.

Senior Kindergarten

The Senior Kindergarten class has been busy making their holiday ornaments and special grinch themed holiday cards. Paula took care of painting each student’s foot just the right shade of green to make the grinch. Angela and Clara helped students get their snowman ornament faces done with special markers.

The students were so proud of their work!


Since the beginning of the school year, our class cohorts have been unable to mix or assemble together. This, understandably, has meant that our staff has been more creative than usual in finding ways to bring everyone ‘together’. All this week classes have been Elf’ed by other classes. When a class is out for recess or gym class they may return to find that another class has Elf’ed them by leaving little toys or candies for each student in the class with a little ‘You’ve been Elf’ed’ note.

Once a class has been Elf’ed then they are responsible for passing it on to another class. It has been a terrific way to bring our classes ‘together’ and everyone has gotten in on the fun!