CGS Hot Chocolate Pays Salaries

The children just wrapped up their Hot Chocolate Party hosted by the Principal’s Club. Hot chocolate and cookies were served and the children watched a reading of Beatrice’s Goat on the SMART Board. (Beatrice’s Goat is the true story of how a goat changed the financial future for a young girl and her family in Uganda.) We cannot thank the CGS community enough for supporting this event to the tune of $1,020!! This money comes at a much needed time. It will make its way directly to our sister school in Uganda to solve the immediate crisis of a critical shortfall in payroll. The teachers will now be paid and the children in Barlonyo will continue to learn with their teachers and friends. THANK YOU. This is a lovely, positive note to end the term on. We wish you all a safe and happy March Break. We look forward to seeing you back on March 26!