CGS in our classrooms

Junior Kindergarten

Our JK class did some great work on the life cycle of a butterfly recently. They used Play-Doh on a small paper plate to illustrate the various stages of the life cycle. So meticulous, they even made sure that a leaf was added for the egg to rest on.

Senior Kindergarten

As part of National Indigenous History month, our SK class participated in a virtual field trip with the AGO. The students discovered ways that Indigenous artists have creatively interpreted Canada’s diverse people and different regions as well as the concept of decolonization through art and conversation.

They looked at traditional Indigenous baskets and talked about what might be carried in these baskets. They created paper birds using recycled paper and tracing their hands then cutting it out to the shape of a bird.  As part of the workshop, they discussed reducing waste and reusing paper scraps to make art.

Grade 2

Simon did the most amazing STEM activity with the Grade 2 class this week. The students worked in groups to make solar ovens using pizza boxes, black paper, tin foil, and plastic wrap. They used a stick to prop their oven open. These lucky students took their ovens outside to the sunshine and made s’mores. Of course, they enjoyed their treat just before home time.

Track and Field

CGS held their annual Track and Field meets for 2021/2022. We were blessed with great weather and everyone had so much fun participating in disc toss, 100 meter and 200 meter races. Tony delivered ribbons to each class for participants and the students who placed. Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who participated!