CGS JOYFUL Holiday Concerts

CGS JOYFUL Holiday Concerts 

Each year we celebrate the holidays through song and performance in our classrooms and again this year…on stage! 

Thank you to our entire team of educators and staff as they combined efforts with Naomi, our Specialty Teacher in Music and Drama, and our resident pianist Norm, to produce magical performances. 

From our youngest CGS Early Start students right through to our Grade 3s, each class performed for their families and friends as we prepared for and anticipated a JOYFUL winter break. 

Our CGS Character Trait of the Month is JOYFUL…“When you are joyful…you become a sun in the centre of every constellation and people want to be near you.”  (Each month we honour a different trait and you can see each of them from 2023 here.)

We hope you and your family find joy in the little moments that happen every day when you least expect them, especially during this magical time of year as we honour a variety of holidays. 

Thank you to our CGS community for sharing in the joy and magic presented by our student body this holiday season!