CGS Let’s Talk

On Thursday in Health class the Grade 2’s and 3’s had a special discussion about an important topic: mental illness. Inspired by the ‘Bell Lets Talk’ initiative, the children had an open discussion about the prevalence of mental illness in Canada today, what that means/looks like, and the importance of talking about it.

We spoke about the importance of being self-aware and communicating our strengths and weaknesses. The students completed mini report cards on themselves, a task they really enjoyed! Rather than assess themselves on things like phonics or math, the focus was on their ability to get along with others through listening and co-operation. They were surprisingly honest about themselves, and composed thoughtful reflections on what they think their personal strengths and weaknesses are in this area.

A special, very insightful moment happened after the lesson: one of our Grade 3 students decided to depict what came to mind for her when we were discussing mental illness. She drew a picture of cherries with the caption ‘every cherry has a pit…but it’s still sweet!’ What a positive, mindful and healthy day we had!

Lisa Garard
Health & Wellness Teacher
Children’s Garden School