CGS Olympic Spirit

It’s official, I don’t think we could show more school spirit if we tried! A huge thank you to Sara A and Annette for organizing this very important CGS day. Our January character trait of Resilience joined perfectly with the Cozy Canadian Olympic theme. There were fun and spirited touches everywhere you looked – from the morning greeters carrying torches, to the creative classroom doors and Olympic Village Pizza Lunch. (Thank you jammie-clad volunteer mums and dads!) The ‘CGS celebrates always trying your best!’ medals being delivered around the school throughout the day were a great way for us to show our appreciation for each other. Thank you to the Grade 3s for being medal carriers and posting the medals on the classroom doors. We were also extremely lucky to have a special visitor today – Lisa’s Mum! Nancy was an actual torch bearer in the 2010 Vancouver Winter olympics. How amazing is that? She wore her torch bearer outfit and shared her experience with all the classes. The children were enthralled. She had pictures of her lighting the torch and even brought an Olympic torch with her. And finally, congratulations to our Spirit Day winners, Ethan and Logan. Ethan did a spectacular job of guessing the number of marshmallows in the container – he guessed 621 and the true total was 620 – and Logan showed the best school spirit. Enjoy your prizes boys!