CGS Public Speakers Knock it Out of the Park

I’ve been a judge for the Public Speaking Contest for going on ten years now and I can honestly say that this year, all of the children were the most accomplished to date. Wow. The entire panel was so impressed by the level of poise these still very young children displayed. Topics ranged from Blue Whales, Music, Siblings, Residential Schools and How Much I Don’t Want to Public Speak! The children told jokes (and waited for the laughs before moving on), asked leading questions to pique our interest and engaged directly with the audience to demonstrate their ideas. These sophisticated techniques are beyond many adults and to see the speakers employ them so skillfully was a wonder to behold. We are incredibly proud of the public speaking opportunities made available to the kids every day at CGS and to see the children make such good use of their experience is so satisfying, for Marie and all of us involved.

The children are judged out of five on Content (research, understanding of their topic, familiarity with material), Voice (intonation, expression, projection, speed fluency), Captivation of Audience (attention-getting, interesting), Eye Contact (looking up at the audience), Posture (standing tall, standing still) and Memory (how much of the speech is memorized, use of memory aids).

Congratulations to winners Tenley and Zoe for their stand out performances, and to Riley, the People’s Choice, for his truly hilarious speech about hating public speaking. Talk about turning the whole endeavor on its ear! We loved it. A huge well done to all the participants. To the Grade 1’s – get ready for next year! Thank you Emily and Jordan and parents at home for supporting the children do such a great job.

Kelly Scott
Judge, CGS Public Speaking Contest
Children’s Garden School