CGS Shows Appreciation

The first Assembly of the year was such a treat. We hope you enjoyed it. A huge thank you to Paula, Meagan and the SK’s for putting together an excellent program full of humour and appreciation. Assemblies are always a big responsibility for the hosts but being first up adds a little extra excitement; for many students it is their first time on stage and we are very proud of all of the children. Lauren and Norm are off to a wonderful start too – the singing was so strong. It was also very nice to hear from the Foundation and the PA. We are so fortunate to have these hard working, devoted parents looking out for the interests of CGS families. Last but not least, the big reveal of our Terry Total of $18,200 was incredible. What an accomplishment CGS! Our 20th Anniversary year will not soon be forgotten. Thank you to everyone for their contributions of money and love. To Sara A, thank you, as always, for inspiring us to continue Terry’s work. Our next Assembly is coming up quickly on November 8. Please note this is our Remembrance Day Assembly and it takes place later in the morning at 10:45 so we can observe a moment of silence at 11am together.