CGS Space Staycation!

Our CGS Shining Stars went on a starry-eyed adventure this past Tuesday Sept 26th! They buckled in and embarked on a cosmic journey like no other as the Astronomy in Action team took them through the incredible experience of the cosmos with a staycation school visit of their space dome! Picture this: a portable inflatable planetarium, a group of enthusiastic primary school students, and the entire universe as their playground! Boy did they launch into a galaxy of wonder and excitement!

Our JK to Grade 3 students traveled out to our parking lot where they were greeted by a gigantic inflatable planetarium! Through the ‘Woah’s’ and “Awes” from every student, it was like stepping into a spaceship, and they couldn’t help but feel the excitement building. The dark interior was filled with the anticipation of what lies beyond our earthly skies: the great outer space!

Their staycation journey was guided by real-life astronomy passionate educators who were just as excited about the cosmos as our students. They were the space captains of this cosmic voyage, armed with a wealth of knowledge and a thrill for igniting their young minds. The planetarium came to life with a stunning celestial display. Thousands of stars twinkle overhead, and the astronomy captains lead us on an exhilarating adventure. We visited distant planets, including Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, all in stunning detail. Throughout our students space exploration they took a virtual spacewalk  in and outside the International Space Station!  Floating among the stars and through the space station our students felt like real astronauts!

The Astronomy in Action staycation visit into the inflatable portable planetarium was a journey of a lifetime. It ignited the students curiosity about the cosmos, inspires their dreams of becoming astronauts, and left them with a sense of wonder that will stay with them forever! Our students really became CGS Shooting shining stars!